A Worn Path
written by Eudora Welty

The Story takes place in December on a worn out path. It's about an old negro women named Pheonix who goes through this path where she has to go through so many obstacles to get medication for her grandson. Obstacles like the long path, animals,bridges and people. Also she doesn't recieve that much respect from people because of her Elderly age and her racial appearence. Finally at the end she get's to the city and goes into the building where she is suppose to get the medication when se forgets why she came to the city for.The Nurses would ask if she were ok and she would only stay quiet, until finally a nurse asked her if Pheonix grandson was ok or if he was dead. From there on we don't know if Pheonix grandson is dead, but we do know that she walked that worn path, because the love she felt for her grandson.